Who we are

Med’Inn’Pharma (MIP) is a pre-clinical stage Biotech company that was founded in 2017 as a spin-off from the French blood bank establishment (EFS) and of the French National Institute of Health (INSERM). MIP is a pioneer in developing a new class disease modifying therapies dedicated to resolve pathologic inflammation in a wide range of degenerative diseases and conditions.

Our founders are world leaders in immunology and inflammation-resolution, and have developed a patent protected process to harness bioactive molecules from physiologically conditioned human cells into a stable biologic drug product. This will allow to ‘transplant’ a bioactive resoluome* emitted during normal inflammation-resolution phase to pathologic deregulated environments. Our innovative approach works by restoring a complex but healthy/physiologic inflammation-resolution network, reprograms durably macrophages, and ‘fine-tunes’ inflammation-driven degenerative disorders for repair and regeneration and with that durably restore tissue and immune functionality and homeostasis.

At MIP we are using our knowledge to revert inflammation to resolve under physiologic condition for the development of a new generation of human cell-derived therapeutics with truly disease modifying properties applicable to a wide range of degenerative disorders and diseases.


*secretome from cells undergoing inflammation-resolution

Our solution

MIP’s technology is based on cutting-edge science driven by the goal of developing bioidentic therapeutics to cure diseases. Our drug candidates mimic what our body makes best in normal situation, controlling inflammation for instance. We identified what cells and factors originally control the arrest of inflammation in our body. Such processes are dysregulated in many acute and chronic inflammatory diseases and others inflammatory situations. MIP has succeded to make human cells produce what they usually produce to stop inflammation and restore tissue functions. These factors produced are the main active components of our drug candidates.