Who we are

MIP is pioneering bio-identical therapies that trigger natural biological processes to achieve reeducation of the dysregulated immune system and functional tissue recovery. Our growing pipeline of bio-identical drug candidates is designed to treat a range of acute and chronic conditions that involve inflammatory, metabolic and fibrotic processes. By combining new scientific insights with robust development expertise, we are building a pharma biotech leader in curative medicines dedicated to the unmet medical needs of 400 million patients with rare or commun inflammatory diseases.

Our solution

MIP’s technology is based on cutting-edge science driven by the goal of developing bioidentic therapeutics to cure diseases. Our drug candidates mimic what our body makes best in normal situation, controlling inflammation for instance. We identified what cells and factors originally control the arrest of inflammation in our body. Such processes are dysregulated in many acute and chronic inflammatory diseases and others inflammatory situations. MIP has succeded to make human cells produce what they usually produce to stop inflammation and restore tissue functions. These factors produced are the main active components of our drug candidates.