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SECRETOME, unleashing the regenerative power of human cells 


MED’INN’Pharma (MIP) is a pre-clinical stage Biotech company founded in 2017 as a spin-off from the French blood bank establishment (EFS) and the French National Institute of Health (INSERM).

Our mission is to use our platform technology to develop a pipeline of disease modifying therapies derived from the secretomes of human cells. We are committed to develop drug candidates with durable efficacy by targeting the root cause of diseases. Our platform derived therapeutics can be tailored to several indications and delivery methods.

RESOLVIX, the lead candidate issued from our technology plateform, is dedicated to actively resolve, heal and regenerate pathologic inflammation in a wide range of degenerative diseases and conditions and with that intended to positively impacting human health span.


We will change the outlook for diseases by


Our solutions

MIP’s technology is based on cutting-edge science driven by the goal of developing bioidentic therapeutics to cure diseases. Our propriatery technology platefrom allow us to transform Human cell secretome into drug products, perfectly balanced set of human molecules able to restore dysregulated biological processes. Our lead candidates RESOLVIX and MRT are composed of a set of molecules produced by regenerative human macrophages, and dedicated to tackle inflammatory and degenerative diseases.