Our solution

MIP’s technology is based on cutting-edge science driven by the goal of developing bioidentical therapeutics to cure diseases. Our drug candidates mimic what our body makes best in normal situation, controlling inflammation for instance. We identified what cells and factors originally control the arrest of inflammation in our body. Such processes are dysregulated in many acute and chronic inflammatory diseases and others inflammatory situations. MIP has succeded to make human cells produce what they usually produce to stop inflammation and restore tissue functions. These factors produced are the main active components of our drug candidates.



MIP is focused on developing therapies to treat inflammatory diseases and syndromes, and to address other therapeutic domains as infectious diseases, neurosciences, metabolic diseases, cardiology and regenerative medicines


MIP is now entering into clinical evaluation of its lead drug candidate SuperMApo/Resolvix for the treatment of the rare orphan disease systemic scleroderma, concomitantly to Crohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis

Other indications with SuperMApo lead drug candidate are under pre-clinical evaluation

New bio-identical candidates derived from Human cells as well as ATMP are under development

A bio-identical drug

Due to its Human source, SuperMApo lead drug candidate is composed of factors identical to those presented in the human body, making it well tolerated and safe. SuperMApo lead drug candidate is composed of all factors necessary to cure inflammation

Restoring resolution of inflammation

Inflammation resolution is dysregulated in many inflammatory disorders and pathological situations. MIP’s SuperMApo lead drug candidate deeply reeducates the immune system to restore resolution,  inflammation arrest and tissue healing

One treatment, one cure

Based on preclinical data, SuperMApo lead drug candidate unique treatment is efficient to cure inflammatory disorders, long-term. Such curative properties of MIP’s lead drug candidate will be confirmed in clinic early 2022, clinical batch production is ongoing


Common and rare inflammatory disorders

Development Pre-clinical Phase I/II
  • Systemic sclerosis
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis


Development Pre-clinical Phase I/II
  • COVID19

Patient’s benefits


MIP’s technology is a breakthrough approach to produce bio-identical drug candidates for the treatment of non curable diseases such as inflammatory diseases


Preclinical data demonstrate the curative properties of MIP’s lead candidate SuperMApo in the context of experimental scleroderma, colitis, arthritis and multiple sclerosis


MIP expertise is built on active science researches related to resolution and inflammation, cells and factors essentials to terminate inflammation, and restore functional tissues


By their Human origin and composition, SuperMApo bio-identical drug represents well tolerated, safe and Human-derived medicine with elevated therapeutic potentials