Our solutions

MIP’s technology is based on cutting-edge science driven by the goal of developing bioidentic therapeutics to cure diseases. Our propriatery technology platefrom Cell*Secret*Service allows us to transform Human cell secretome into drug products, perfectly balanced set of human molecules able to restore dysregulated biological processes. Our lead candidate RESOLVIX is composed of a set of molecules produced by regenerative human macrophages. RESOLVIX can thus tackle inflammatory and degenerative diseases. Our second lead candidate MRT is a new autologous approach, a medicine made of pro-resolutive molecules produced by patient’s own cells. MRT will also tackle inflammatory and degenerative diseases, notably where RESOLVIX is not adapted, and vice versa.


tech platform


Our first platform-issued candidates are using the healing power of specialized macrophages


Resolve. Heal. Regenerate.

Macrophages are specialized immune cells participating in multiple roles from host defense to inflammation resolution. A special type of macrophages, the so called pro-resolution type macrophages, are instrumental to coordinate the inflammation resolution-phase that actively ends inflammation. Pro-resolution type macrophages switch off inflammation, engulf and digest damaged cells and debris, recruit stem cells and initiate healing to restore tissue function. Their functionality is becoming impaired with age and in chronic inflammatory diseases.

At MIP we have discovered that using the secretome of resolution-phase macrophages, we can restore impaired macrophage functions and give them their power back to resolve inflammation, heal and regenerate.

Resolution & Diseases

Resolution molecules and their functionality decline with age and in an increasing number of pathologies marked by chronic inflammation.

Resolution macrophage secretome

Resolution-phase macrophages are instrumental to coordinate the inflammation resolution phase through the secretion of bioactive molecules. These can be captured and transformed into a drug product.

Secretome-based drugs

RESOLVIX and MRT are iv injectable solution of highly biocompatible human molecules in a natural balanced composition working synergistically to actively resolve inflammation, heal and regenerate tissue, preserving immune function.

Curative potential in many diseases

Autoimmune Diseases (like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis or Systemic sclerosis), Cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disorders, as well as fibrosing organ diseases.

Two Complimentary Evaluation-Ready Approaches to tackle Inflammatory and Degenerative Diseases

RESOLVIX® Targets Multiple Dysregulated Pathways Linked to Failed Resolution

is actually developped in Systemic Sclerosis

 Third-party GLP preclinical safety studies have confirmed Resolvix to be safe and well tolerated

Efficacy has been confirmed in prominent pre-clinical models of inflammatory diseases, including SSc models

MRT Specific Autologous Secretome offers a Patient-adapted Resolution

is developed in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Efficacy has been confirmed in prominent pre-clinical model of RA with SOC

RESOLVIX and MRT[SAS] exerts multiple modes of action (MoAs) all working in line with known mechanisms of inflammation resolution and post-resolution phases which are :

Stop inflammatory immune cell infiltration

Decrease of inflammatory molecules

Reduced T-cell activation


Increased efferocytosis and clearance of debris

Reduced fibrosis

Stem cell mobilization

Tissue healing and regeneration

Synergistically promote healing, regeneration and return to normal tissue function


Improving human health span of patients with Systemic Sclerosis