A new type of drugs issued from human cells

Med’Inn’Pharma (MIP) is a pre-clinical stage Biotech with the mission to develop a new generation of human cell-derived therapeutics with truly disease modifying properties.

We use our propriatery platform to induce human cells to release desired bioactive molecules that we transform into stable biologic drug products. Our first candidate issued from that platform is dedicated to actively resolve pathologic inflammation without suppressing the immune system. By targeting an universal mechanism of regeneration, our candidate is applicable to a wide range of degenerative diseases and conditions intended cure disease and improve health span.

Currently, our priority is to validate our lead candidate in a clinical proof of concept trial.

Team & Advisors

Sylvain Perruche, PhD

Président, CEO

Susanne Behlke, PhD


Mélanie Couturier, PhD


Francis Bonnefoy, PhD

Preclinical study/Discovery

Agathe Depaire, MSC

PhD Student

Catherine Pletan, PharmD

CMC & Drug dev.

Nicolas Ferry, MD PhD


Francois Brackman, MD


Nadja Prang, PhD


Christophe de Romeuf, PhD