Press release

Besançon, France – July 4th, 2023 – MED’INN’PHARMA announced today that it is the winner of the French Governments Innovation Competitions and to be one of the 237 winning projects that will be supported via #France2030. This victory represents an important step in testing Resolvix lead biologic drug candidate issued from MIP’s innovative drug development platform in patients and will support the continued growth of MED’INN’PHARMA.

About MED’INN’PHARMA – MIP, a French pharma biotechnology company funded in 2017, is a leader in the development of bio-identic drugs with pro-resolutive properties for the treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory situations. MIP’ first-in-class proprietary therapeutic lead candidates have the potential for broad applications in Immunology, infectious diseases, pulmonary, neuroscience, cardiology, metabolic and regenerative medicines. The company develops SuperMApo bio-identic drug candidate (license granted by INSERM-EFS-UBFC) with high pro-resolutive properties through a deep reeducation of the whole immune system.